Paul Rolston CEO

Educated at The King’s Hospital school and College of Commerce in Dublin and following a highly successful career as head of advertising field sales during the launch period of the Dublin Newspaper group in the 1980’s, which grew from 2 titles to 7 during his tenure there, Paul has founded and run a number of successful business ventures over the past 30 years.

Experienced in sales and marketing and focussed on top quality customer service with an acute awareness and understanding of the importance of personal relations towards delivery of goals he has been highly successful in a broad range of customer centred enterprises.

Paul’s mantra is that ‘people matter to people’ and he believes that all success stems from people valuing each other and working together. 

Having realised the importance of education towards identifying, releasing and nurturing each individual’s potential and talents, over the past 20 years he has sought to use his experience and expertise to ‘give something back’ and to assist others towards achieving success.

Paul began working with community groups and educational institutions assisting them in areas such as corporate and campus management, asset sweating, commercial awareness, pupil recruitment, market identification and co-operative achievement.

Aware that all community activities, schools and educational institutions have an on-going requirement for additional support and funding Paul has focussed primarily on the development and nurturing of internal co-operation and on identifying and utilising External Relations to help those he mentors to achieve positive growth and success. 

Paul has built a strong reputation in assisting community and educational groups and institutions to create awareness, develop and maintain on-going support through identification and management of their alumni and broader circle of potential supporters.