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“From a small base of 30 past pupil union members the team reached out and built a network of 78% of all King's Hospital past pupils within 3 years.

The team continue to build relationships with network and have extented the past pupil's communication and network to the wider KH community.

From this strong base the team are at the forefront of the Union's KH350 fundraising initatitive.”

Working with school management the develUPs team assisted with an extremely successful outreach programme to connect with all alumni, friends and the broader community.

This has created a vibrant and supportive network which assisted with the major projects undertaken through the generation of funds and community support.

Monasteroris pupils and staff now enjoy some of the best facilities and opportunities available in any school in Ireland alongside the valuable community network that is now in place.

Ongoing engagement will further nurture and grow this valuable asset which will support the school in the delivery of all aspects of their future vision and ventures.

Aware is a national charity set up in 1985 to support people experiencing depression and bipolar disorders. The team audited the charities digital communications and developed a strategy and implemented the digital communications over many years to support their fundraising activities. As a result of the teams early support Aware's digital reach is one of the key drivers in their fundraising communications. 


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The King's Hospital - Post Primary School, Dublin, Ireland

Paul Rolston, through his company, has provided marketing and development services to The King's Hospital over a number of years. His knowledge of the education sector is excellent and his commitment to the school was wholehearted.

He was a key member of the fund raising team 2005/2010 that delivered >80% of a stretching capital fund targeting €6 million.

He was very much focused on results and has an excellent understanding of the needs of both the parents and the pupils and was extremely conscientious in everything he did. Using his network of contacts in education and other spheres Paul's work halted and reversed falling boarders numbers at the school.

Paul has been a driving force with the school's Past Pupils' Union in their move to social media which has delivered increased interaction including a direct survey of alumni requirements that achieved a response rate >65% of those surveyed from a database of over 3,000 past pupils.

Monasteroris National School, Co. Offaly, Ireland

With the experience and knowledge gained as a leader in local business, Paul has been an invaluable asset to our school when we have called on him and his company.

Paul’s understanding of people and his ability to inspire and work with those around him generates a positivity and desire to achieve which, together with his pragmatic reasoning, enables the delivery of ambitious visions.

Our school has recently completed a substantial building and development programme which doubled the size of our school and added substantial classroom, sports, performance arts and extra-curricular space to our buildings.

Paul was a main driver and overseer throughout this project from conception to final completion. 

His knowledge and assistance through planning, finance and construction was thorough and ensured the successful completion of our wonderful new facilities within budget and on time.